Cosplay Competition Rules

RahCon 2020 – Cosplay Competition Rules

The following rules and regulations are for the RahCon 2020 Cosplay Competition. Breaching any of the rules listed here at any stage of the competition will result in immediate disqualification and serious breaches may result in particular entrants being banned from future RahCon events.

Please note entering the competition does not gain you entry into RahCon 2020. All entrants must purchase a ticket to enter RahCon 2020.

1. The RahCon Cosplay Competition is open to any competitor with a costume which is based on a pop culture source such as characters from comics, anime, fantasy, sci-fi or gaming.
2. Approved applicants must check in during the event between 10:00am – 12:00pm at the registration desk.
3. When you check in, you must be wearing your costume. It will be examined to make sure that your costume is acceptable under the rules. You cannot have someone else sign you in. If you are in a group, you must all be present at check in, to have your outfits checked. All people wearing cosplay at RahCon, regardless of entering in the competition or not will have their costume checked before entering the venue by RahCon staff. If they deem that your costume does not adhere to the RahCon policies, you will not be permitted entry to the venue.
4. No late check in will be accepted. You will be notified at check in, as to what time you need to be ready to go back stage for preparation of the Cosplay Competition. Pre-judging will take place back stage. If you have purchased all or elements of your costume you must tell the judges. Judges may ask you questions about the making of your costume. Your honesty is appreciated.
5. You may enter solo or as a group. Group entries are for groups of two (2) to a maximum of six (6) people. All group members must be present on stage for the interview portion of the competition.
6. Performances/skits are accepted with a two (2) minute time limit for individuals and three (3) minutes for group entries. Performances over this time limit will be cut short and disqualified.
7. No microphones will be provided for Performances. If you require talking during your performance, it is recommended you provide pre-recorded audio.
8. You must own the audio you provide for your performance. You must bring your audio to submit during check in before 12pm at the registration desk at RahCon 2020. Audio will only be accepted on a USB flash drive/memory stick and must be clearly labelled with your name or your group name. The memory stick must not have any other files on it except your performance audio. Your audio file must be in MP3 format, 16bit 44.1kHz between 128kbps – 320kbps (stereo or mono only). Please bring back up copies in case there are issues with your audio.
9. Entries are accepted on a first come basis. Once we reach our limit, there will be no more entries accepted.
10. You must submit a reference image of the original character/s you or the group are cosplaying. This may be visually projected as part of the Competition presentation. Images submitted must not be offensive and must meet the size requirements.
11. There is no cloakroom at RahCon. A back stage area may be provided by RahCon for Cosplay Competition entrants in preparation to their appearance on stage. You must be able carry around any costume or props you have brought to RahCon safely by yourself and must not impede or inconvenience other people.
12. Any weapons or props must comply with the RahCon 2020 Weapons & Props Policy.
13. Ignorance of the rules is no basis for exemption. Please read these rules thoroughly before attending RahCon in costume.

1. If you have any special requests for the MC or staff, please let us know beforehand.
2. Please respect the judges’ decisions as they are final and the competition is intended to be fun.
3. The awards include Best Beginner Group, Best Advanced Group, Best Beginner Solo, Best Advanced Solo, Performance Award, RahCon 2020 Theme Award and Encouragement Award. If you have wholly bought your costume, you are eligible for; Beginner Award, Performance Award or an Encouragement Award. RahCon and the cosplay competition judges reserve the right to change award categories dependent on registration numbers.
4. RahCon is an all ages event. Adult or sexual content (implied or otherwise), obscene gestures, swearing, anti-social behaviour or anything deemed inappropriate by RahCon staff is not permitted at any time and may result in disqualification, your act being stopped and/or removal from the event.
5. Do not swear, threaten, insult, heckle, abuse or physically interact with any of the staff, competitors or audience members.
6. All performances must be family friendly and not offensive. RahCon organizers and the Cosplay Judges have the right to not approve any performances it deems inappropriate or for technical reasons. If your performance is cancelled, you may still be eligible for other categories at the judges’ discretion.
7. Any performances must be performed in a safe manner. No acrobatics, running or jumping off stage. No contact violence. No props that may cause a mess or safety hazard. You must keep your performance at least 1 metre away from the edge of the stage at all times. Any performance deemed not safe will be cut short and disqualified.
8. After you have left the stage, you are not permitted to re-enter it for any reason unless asked by the MC or RahCon staff. Please do not interfere with any other entrants in any way.
9. If you bring props with your costume, please pick them up when you leave. No liquids, sticky substances, explosives, anything incendiary/flammable or anything that could damage the stage. If you do not leave the stage in the exact same condition as you entered it, you will be disqualified.
10. By entering the competition, you acknowledge and accept that you may be photographed and filmed while on stage and that these materials may be used by Mandurah Performing Arts Centre in the future at their discretion.
11. You must stay in the RahCon venue for the length of the Cosplay Competition. If you are awarded a prize and are not around to receive it on the day, it will need to be picked up from Mandurah Performing Arts Centre during business hours. Please contact 9550 3900 before coming to collect your prize. Prizes will not be posted out to winners. Prizes will be awarded towards the end of the RahCon event.
12. At all times you must behave in a safe manner, especially while on the stage. You must follow all safety instructions given by RahCon or venue staff.
13. Mandurah Performing Arts Centre will not be held legally responsible or liable for any misconduct, damages, injuries or death resulting from the actions of any RahCon attendee. Any inappropriate behaviour or misconduct by any attendee will be not be tolerated by RahCon staff or local authorities.